This book consists of a collection of true stories, perspectives, and reflections from people in varied walks of life, who, through faith, confronted and handled crises.
Many crises affect us in varied ways.

Let's continue to trust God because His plan is still unfolding and He cares for us.

A New and Powerful

Book of Faith
by Glen Aubrey

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.”
Psalm 139:23, New International Version (NIV)


God’s Plan Unfolding - Strength and Renewal in Times of Crisis relates with the events of 2020, and other current timelines, including stories of endurance and perseverance from the Bible. This is not a political book; rather, it is a book of faith, humility, endurance, confidence, and reliance on God across many spectrums.

This book is written as a renewed call to faith and revival, earnestly desiring, praying, and believing for Divine Intervention and protection, and to sustain and encourage those who may be disheartened now, praying for God's peace to rule and reign.

Book Description

~ Mike Atkinson,

Owner/Publisher Mikey's Funnies



~ Lenny and Grace Belvedere,

Owners, Ottavio's Restaurant, Lakeside, California

~ Terry Burgess,

Author: When Our Blue Star Turned Gold

~ Mark Chrysler,

Author: Authentic Hope

~ John Emra,

Author: Cornerstones and Core Needs of Growing Kids

~ Sarah S. Falcone,

BSN (Bachelor of Science Nursing), RN

~ Will Hathaway,

Police Officer, SWAT Negotiator, Pastor, Author: Naked

~ Everett (Bud) Hendrickson,

Author: Enjoy Your Life * Ten Bedrock Truths

~ Tim Woolpert,

Singer, Songwriter, Friend

~ Angela Williams,

Author: Knowing You Have Done Your Best * No Regrets

~ Barry Willey,

U.S. Army COL, Retired, Author: Out of the Valley and Extreme Investing

~ Rick Redd,

MD, U.S. Army COL, Retired, Author: All-In or Nothing

~ Hiren Raval,

Pharmacist, Haslet, Texas

~ James Patton,

Former V.P. Operations, Absolute Security

~ Pastor Vernon Lintvedt,

Blessed Savior Luthern Church (LCMS),
O'Fallon, Illinois

Glen Aubrey invited the following writers because they are friends,
people of faith, and they wrote about real-life experiences.

A cross-section of people of faith in diverse walks of life.

Back cover

~ Larry Wolf,

Author: A Black and White Decision, Policing Peace,
and Word on the Street

"Stop telling God how big your storm is and start telling your storm how big God is."

When trial, testing, lawlessness, worry, fear, and bad news come, including the loss of loved ones to death regardless of cause, we can and must continue to rely on God to sustain us.

~ Grella

"God is present. He is not hidden. He is not uninvolved. He is near to you and me right now. He wants us to be close to Him more than life’s breath itself. He can be found by anyone who seeks Him."

About Glen Aubrey

Author, Publisher, Professional Musician, Emmy ® Award Winner, Consultant

Glen Aubrey is an author, publisher, professional musician, Emmy Award Winner, and business consultant.

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In God's Plan Unfolding you will read the stories and views of people who care deeply about faith, hope, love, America, and you. Share the commitment to God’s peace reigning in our hearts and lives.


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